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Fancci Seminars

Where are all these glorious figures and events in the past? Fancci Seminars aims to bring this seemingly Western question to contemporary Chinese college students and stirs critical thinking in various fields.

Any fundamental and positive social change relies on a responsible and well-educated class, as expected of modern Chinese society from both in and outside of the country, and Fancci Seminars aims to proffer a platform for college students to discuss and explore into various fields of humanities and social studies, not yet widely available in Chinese universities.



Fancci Street

Fancci Street serves as a intranet for Fancci members to make friends with each other, and discuss their both concerns and interests. It also facilitates its members to find their RFS and connect with other local members. Be a member of Fancci Street is a necessary step for any individual who want to join Fancci Society.


Fancci Conference

Fancci Conference would be held every year in forms of co-sponsorship or sole sponsorship in either in Hong Kong or in Boston. Conference serves as an opportunity for the CEC and all RFS to report their work of the year and for all Fancci members to push for their ideas and directions of the society. Members of the Academic Committee would also convene for a debate over their studies of the fields and conclude their research of the year.

If conditions allow, Fancci Society would call for a series of public lectures, given by featured speakers in Academia and other relevant sectors, which welcome the public to join her convention.



Rural Program

The Society also expresses a willingness to help promote any kinds of social good to the society as well as assist our members to grab a deeper understanding of the world by providing them multiple ways of committing themselves to the social works. We are currently cooperating with Project for Peer Experience Exchange Rostrum (PEER) and Liren Library Program for countryside voluntary teaching. Please join us and help out the society.

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Reasons to Join Fancci

1. China
2. China
3. China
4. China
5. China

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News Releases

  • New E-Magazine Website to be launched next year.
  • Annual Conference is about to take place in Hong Kong.
  • Beijing Reunion on December, 2011.